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Going Ginger

The Gingerbread man arrives at Google HQ, signifying the upcoming android update – probably designated Android 2.3 rather than 3.0 – as some had speculated.

Going Ginger! – The Android 2.3 Gingerbread man arrives to grace the lawns at Google HQ.

                                                                                                                                                                  So much for being an Early Adopter eh? – 2.3 is imminent and I’ve only just got 2.1!!  Oh well, playing catch up can be fun – lots more to look forward to and enjoy!  You have to begin to wonder though  if maybe there are just too many updates??  Apple and Google trying to outdo eachother in the speed of innovation stakes me thinks?

I suppose you can understand Google wanting to overtake Apple and demonstrate that they can offer improved features and functionality – much easier and faster than their rival – but do we really need SOO many updates to a perfectly decent OS, that really only offer relatively minor tweaks and a couple of tempting goodies?  Still, I can certainly see where Google are coming from and kind of like the hutzpah.  Let’s hope though, that maybe when they’ve proved their point, they slow things down a little and give us poor users a chance to catch our breath and appreciate current versions, before they get our tastebuds buzzing with the next tempting piece of digital confectionary.