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Killzone 3 With Playstation Move Sharp Shooter

I totally can’t wait to try this out:

I think I’m gonna have to max out my hammered credit card and get this on release day!

A bit more detail of it in use:

Moving On Again

**Selection of clips from some of the best Playstation Move games out there or soon to come, follows below**

Ok, so I’m still loving Playstation Move!  In fact, I’ve just taken delivery of a second Move motion controller and the Sports Champions game.  Gonna have a Beer, Curry, Film and Playstation Move night, in with the lads this weekend (sad I know – I should really get a girlfriend!).

I haven’t purchased a navigation controller as yet.  In fact, a little tip while we’re on the subject – the Nav controller is not totally essential in the first instance – if you’re on a budget and have to make a decision between getting a 2nd motion, or a Nav controller – my advice is to get the 2nd motion controller first.  Some games require 2 controllers to get the most out of them.  For example, some of the events in Sports Champions can be played with one, or two controllers.  While you can still play perfectly well with one controller, obviously it’s better to get the most out of the games as you can – by having two.  And of course, you’ll need 2 controller’s to play against and impress you’re mates when they come round to have a look at your new toy.  While it would of course be best to have the Nav controller as well, your normal SixAxis or Dualshock3 controller is perfectly adequate in the meantime.

So, on to the choice of Move enabled games out there.  The first 2 vids below focus on upcoming and much anticipated SOCOM 4.  First is an excellent vid demo from  Next up is an illuminating vid from PlayrBitz featuring lead game designer Travis Steiner giving details on exactly how the controllers are used to direct the action in SOCOM 4.  I think these 2 vids together illustrate perfectly that this could be the best control system ever used in an FPS.  Could this set the standard for things to come?

Other interesting prospects featured below seem to me, to be, Kung-Fu Live – where you seem to actually perform the moves yourself without the use of motion controllers, and where your image and movements are inserted into the game in realtime – and although it’s not really my kind of game even Sorcery looks good – in terms of how the game actually makes full use of the Move technology.  And of course, there’s always Sports Champions.


Excellent SOCOM 4 vid from
Vid showing details of how Move controls work on SOCOM 4
Kung-Fu Live. This game is Mental! Looks like a lot of fun tho!
Kung-Fu Live – I love the look of this game!
Sorcery – Makes good use of the technology
Time Crisis: Razing Storm
Heavy Rain
Sports Champions
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 11