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HTC EVO 3D/Android – All Your Battery Questions Answered


*****I’ve had real technical problems lately with editing and uploading videos – so apologies for promising lots of EVO vids and not delivering.*****

I’ve been wanting to do a video on mobile phone battery life issues for some time. I think the biggest drawback with some of the best and highest spec smartphones is that you can’t be sure it’s gonna even get you through a full days usage.

This can end up with your phone going kaput on you (probably when you most need it), or on you having to use your phone’s settings to limit what it will do (and what you can do with it) – thereby reducing it’s power consumption (but also severely limiting its performance), until you can reach somewhere that you can charge it. This is not really acceptable is it?! What’s the point in paying £500 for a phone that can do everything – if you have to then limit what it can do half the time – just so it doesn’t die on you?!

Unfortunately this continues to be a problem due to phone makers current obsession with thin-ness (thanks iphone!)

So what solutions are there out there? Well, I was surprised to find that there are plenty of  inexpensive solutions to the problem – but none of them come without compromise.

We shouldn’t have to make such compromises –


I mean seriously, it’s not too much to ask is it? Cue video:

Link to EVO 3D Batteries on Amazon:

Link to EVO 3D Batteries on mobilefun:


HTC EVO 3D Unboxing Part 2 – First Impressions

This is the rest of the unboxing video that I was able to salvage after having technical problems. Apologies for the lack of in depth review in this video. More vids featuring the HTC EVO 3D will follow from tomorrow.

HTC Sensation Deathgrip? – My Arse!

Ok, so a little while ago videos started popping up on the internet seemingly demonstrating an issue with the new HTC Sensation mobile phone.  (Couple examples of the vids here and here).  The issue was apparently similar to the problems experienced by users of the iphone 4 when it was launched (the infamous iphone 4 Deathgrip!) – except this time, the problems were even worse – as with the Sensation the “fault” was reported as cutting out not only the voice signal but the WiFi and Bluetooth signals too.

Needless to say, as someone that had been eagerly awaiting the release of the all singing, all dancing, new wonderphone from HTC, these videos were a serious point of contention in my plans to acquire a new bit of gadge!  I was seriously crestfallen that I was gonna be denied the new toy that I’d been looking forward to for so long – or that I’d get it, only to be disappointed like all those poor iphoney’s before me.

Still, as there hadn’t been much follow-up publicity about the issue by the time the unbranded unlocked version landed, I decided to take the plunge and buy the beast.  But even as I unpacked my new bundle of joy I was harbouring nervous doubts – wondering if I was about to be throwing the thing  – maddened by the curse of the “Deathgrip” – my hopes of gadget joy dashed along with my phone against the wall.  So, were my fears unfounded? see my vid for the answer (although you’ve probably already guessed).

P.S. The mobile voice signal fluctuating around 2 bars is normal when I’m here at home. Actual calls are still crystal clear though.

Thanks for watching.

HTC Sensation Unboxing Video (Sim Free, Unbranded Version)

Welcome to my HTC Sensation unboxing vid. The Sensation has been available in the UK for over a month on Vodafone now, and has just gone cross network and unlocked, sim free. There have been some serious possible issues identified which may be of concern to punters considering getting this phone – specifically the possible “Deathgrip,” signal loss issue. Therefore I thought it might be time for a new glut of vids that seek to address and clarify this issue – as well as give info on other things that are always a worry, such as battery life etc. Don’t expect spec details or device tour (you’ve seen all that anyway) – instead just trimmed down vids giving you a good look at the phone, addressing issues and answering questions.

Blown away by this phone so far!

Good news! So far no matter how hard I try I have utterly failed to replicate the “Deathgrip,” signal loss problem. Will be posting a vid demonstrating this very soon.   If you’re after a much more detailed unboxing/review click here for Sam J Pullen’s video reviews. 

Going Ginger

The Gingerbread man arrives at Google HQ, signifying the upcoming android update – probably designated Android 2.3 rather than 3.0 – as some had speculated.

Going Ginger! – The Android 2.3 Gingerbread man arrives to grace the lawns at Google HQ.

                                                                                                                                                                  So much for being an Early Adopter eh? – 2.3 is imminent and I’ve only just got 2.1!!  Oh well, playing catch up can be fun – lots more to look forward to and enjoy!  You have to begin to wonder though  if maybe there are just too many updates??  Apple and Google trying to outdo eachother in the speed of innovation stakes me thinks?

I suppose you can understand Google wanting to overtake Apple and demonstrate that they can offer improved features and functionality – much easier and faster than their rival – but do we really need SOO many updates to a perfectly decent OS, that really only offer relatively minor tweaks and a couple of tempting goodies?  Still, I can certainly see where Google are coming from and kind of like the hutzpah.  Let’s hope though, that maybe when they’ve proved their point, they slow things down a little and give us poor users a chance to catch our breath and appreciate current versions, before they get our tastebuds buzzing with the next tempting piece of digital confectionary.

Still Gonna Root

Ok, I am still gonna root my phone cos i want all the goodies that rooted phones allow.  However I haven’t taken the plunge as yet because strangely out of the blue, the other night when I picked up my phone there was a message saying that an FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) update was available.  So I went into it and low and behold HTC were sending me an update to Android 2.1 (Eclair).  I couldn’t believe it – I thought HTC had given up on providing a “sense” enabled Eclair update for unbranded SIM free Hero’s – but there it was.

So I gave it a whirl and it all installed nice and easily without losing any of my contacts or other essential data – so I was quite pleased with that.  Of course it doesn’t allow me to get any of the essentials that I really want like Wi-Fi tethering etc, so I’m sorry HTC, but it’s a bit of a case of too little, too late!  Most phones are moving to 2.2 Froyo  by now anyway so I might as well root and then load a Froyo based custom ROM (if any exist out there that is – in fact can the Hero handle Froyo – maybe I should just get a new phone?)

So, I have to ask – can anybody out there suggest a good, tried and trusted method to root my phone and load a custom ROM?  I’m thinking of using this rooting method from and then loading a custom ROM from here.  I’ve been looking at a lot of stuff on and they seem to be pretty good, so I reckon I’ll be alright trying these methods – but of course I’m open to suggestions from anyone else out there, that has already had a good rooting experience from anywhere.

As a foot note, thought I’d just mention that I’m making this post using Windows Live Writer 2011.  The first time I’ve used it and it seems pretty good so far, (certainly a lot better than the blogging interface in Word 2007 anyway) – so I’ll keep using it and let you know how I get on and if it’s any good.

Interesting Stats on Smartphone Usage

Interesting Infographic to be found here.  It seems that Iphone and Blackberry are still popular – but Android growth is outstripping everything .  Which do you favour in the battle of the Smartphone’s?  Vote below.