The Gadgemeister Philosophy


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Welcome to Gadgemeister. 

Gadgemeister is not meant to be your typical gadget blog – full of reviews, recommendations, advice etc.  Rather, it’s meant as an ongoing chronicle of these Gadget times that we live in.

Never before has technology been so prevalent or accessible.  On an everyday level Gadge is an integral part of our lives – and we couldnt live or run our lives – the way we do, without it.  It also brings us immense pleasure AND immense frustration and annoyance. 

I want this blog to become a place where everyone will come to discuss the evolution of our individual – and society in general’s – Gadget-lives.

So, this blog will take the form of an irregular journal of one ordinary man’s journey through Gadgetdom.  That is – an ordinary man, on an ordinary budget – so, while I might include reviews of new gadgets as i acquire them – this aspect of the site will, I’m afraid, be very much determined by budget and other commitments (however, if companies or whoever want to send me stuff for the purpose I certainly wouldn’t complain!)

So that’s it friends.  I want lots of contributions, comments and opinions.  From time to time I’ll attempt to get the ball rolling with a little opinion piece to get us in the mood and generate views and responses.  Make it as extreme, as controversial – or as hum-drum and everyday as you like.  All views are welcome.

Happy Gadge-ing.



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