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HTC EVO 3D Unboxing Part 2 – First Impressions

This is the rest of the unboxing video that I was able to salvage after having technical problems. Apologies for the lack of in depth review in this video. More vids featuring the HTC EVO 3D will follow from tomorrow.

HTC EVO 3D Unboxing (Sim Free, Unbranded, Unlocked)


Apologies all, for delays in posting this vid. However I can promise that follow-up vids will be coming thick and fast as there is plenty to look at and comment about with this phone. This vid will totally just be the actual unboxing, but the next vid will post today or tomorrow, and I will try to post more on this phone every day or 2 for a while after that.

Verdict so far – it’s a great and impressive phone – but is perhaps let down just a little bit in some important respects. The 3D is VERY impressive but there’s probably not a great deal of use for it as yet, apart from perhaps 3D gaming (I’m not that much of a gamer but I’d definitely like to try 3D games on this). Is 3D a gimmick? Maybe, but a fun one – and definitely something to impress curious friends with. I’m also a little annoyed by the lack of 3D content out there. There are plenty of YouTube videos (which are great), but I can’t find any of the 3D games that are available in the States.

*****If anyone can tell me where I can find some, or other 3D content I’d be very grateful for any tips*****

*****Update 23/08/2011, 14:03 UK time: News on the lack of 3D games available: this French site: claims that HTC are about to address this issue with an update that will add these 3 games to your HTC EVO 3D; ‘The Sims 3’ (or should that be ‘Sims 3D’), ‘Spider-Man Total Mayhem,’ and ‘Need For Speed.’ Let’s hope they’re right about this (not been able to find it elsewhere – but this site is uber-reliable for breaking HTC news). And let’s hope that HTC get this out REAL soon.*****

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Big Brother Returns To The UK On A New Channel – With Rumours Of Charlie Sheen As The Star Attraction. …Winning?

Is Charlie Sheen Heading For The Celebrity Big Brother 2011 House?

So, Big Brother is back, revamped and on a new channel. Starting with the Celebrity version – to be immediately followed by the one with a house full of attention seeking plebs.

BB is of course the ultimate Marmite TV, but love it or hate it – one things for sure, if ch5 really have got ol tigerblood himself to grace them with his presence the viewing figures will go stratostrophic!

So, do you love it or hate it? And what do you think of the likelihood of Charlie being there? If he is there, what do you think that will bring to the show (apart from Twitter going mental of course)?

P. S. I know this isn’t strictly gadget related – but I suppose I could include it as technology related because of all the questions over the live-feed, and because Twitter and the other Social Media sites, are bound to go into meltdown over all things BB and Charlie Sheen (if he is on it).