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Another Example of How Modern Journalism Has Thrown Professionalism Out of The Window

Another day – another breaking news story on Twitter. …This one was false. However this particular Twitter scoop spread like wildfire – due to the fact that it had been widely Re-tweeted by several credible sources – starting with Jon Snow of Channel 4 news, see link below:

Anatomy of a Twitter rumour: When a story’s too juicy not to re-tweet

Once upon a time Journalists used to have to actually take the time to check and verify a story before going public and ‘putting it out there.’ Now with the advent of the internet and in particular, runaway micro-blogging sites like twitter – it seems that modern journalism largely consists of trawling the internet, catching sight of something before anyone else does and regurgitating it in whatever form, and through whatever medium (usually initially through the internet again) – that you happen to have access to in you’re particular journalistic enclave!

Still, can we really blame the journalists themselves for this sorry state of affairs? The pressure to be the first on record with the latest breaking news must be intense. And what if you don’t take the chance? You hold fire in favour of checking the facts, and some rival organisation beats you to the punch – they suddenly become the trusted source for being first with the latest greatest news scoops.

Aside: (In Google+ convos with various people about the hacking scandal yesterday though – I meant to say that I hope all this ends up taking smugface Morgan down with it too. I’m sure I’m not the only one).

It seems that modern news has found it impossible to keep pace with what the internet has developed into (along with every other industry and all of us as individuals too, it could be said). Still, a little of the old professionalism of checking the facts, needs to find it’s way back into the equation.

Otherwise The Whole Of Modern News, Is In Danger of Becoming Just One Mass Re-Tweet!

The Latest Bombshell In The Phone Hacking Scandal!

This just out on the Gaurdian website:

News of the World targeted phone of Sarah Payne’s mother

It just gets Worse! Do we REALLY  believe that Brooks and others at her level were totally oblivious to these things going on? I’m afraid I find that hard to swallow. Even if it was just in terms of tacit approval. A kind of “..I don’t want to know how you got it – just run with it” – kind of thing.”

Although if it does turn out that this phone was given by Brooks as some sort of deliberate plan of action (surely that’s what’s potentially implied here) – then she will end up the most hated woman in Britain!

How ironic, that NOTW would not be around to whip up the storm around the latest hate figure – they were always so good at that in the past!

This Is Why You All Need Google+

This is why you all need Google+. None of this is a problem on G+. Share like mad! Email me at for a Google+ invite.

HTC Sensation OTA Update Gave Me Deathgrip? Not really but… – Part 1

In response to a comment on my YouTube channel, I started playing around with my WiFi etc on my HTC Sensation and noticed something curious indeed!Watch the accompanying video (Part 2 on it’s way), to see what I discovered.

P.S. I’m sure the fact that I only discovered this straight after the OTA update is purely coincidental – but it did get me wondering at first.

HTC Sensation OTA Software Update

An Over The Air software update has been released for the HTC Sensation (see vid above). Not sure what it entails – probably just bug fixes etc – but I will Try to find out if there is anything else to report on this update.

To update your phone just go to <menu>, <settings>, <about phone>, <software updates>.

Please check back here as I will post further info about this update later today, and as I find out more in the future.

****07/07/2011 – 15:39 GMT – update: Found some more info on the update. Looks like it contains bug fixes and improvements to performance and power management/battery life as well as other things. See here for brief overview, or here for a more detailed rundown. Also – looks like the update is rolling out, and so far has only been issued for unlocked, unbranded European phones. So if you’re on a particular network contract and can’t find the update – that’s why.****



HTC Sensation Deathgrip? – My Arse!

Ok, so a little while ago videos started popping up on the internet seemingly demonstrating an issue with the new HTC Sensation mobile phone.  (Couple examples of the vids here and here).  The issue was apparently similar to the problems experienced by users of the iphone 4 when it was launched (the infamous iphone 4 Deathgrip!) – except this time, the problems were even worse – as with the Sensation the “fault” was reported as cutting out not only the voice signal but the WiFi and Bluetooth signals too.

Needless to say, as someone that had been eagerly awaiting the release of the all singing, all dancing, new wonderphone from HTC, these videos were a serious point of contention in my plans to acquire a new bit of gadge!  I was seriously crestfallen that I was gonna be denied the new toy that I’d been looking forward to for so long – or that I’d get it, only to be disappointed like all those poor iphoney’s before me.

Still, as there hadn’t been much follow-up publicity about the issue by the time the unbranded unlocked version landed, I decided to take the plunge and buy the beast.  But even as I unpacked my new bundle of joy I was harbouring nervous doubts – wondering if I was about to be throwing the thing  – maddened by the curse of the “Deathgrip” – my hopes of gadget joy dashed along with my phone against the wall.  So, were my fears unfounded? see my vid for the answer (although you’ve probably already guessed).

P.S. The mobile voice signal fluctuating around 2 bars is normal when I’m here at home. Actual calls are still crystal clear though.

Thanks for watching.