Moving On

I’m really liking PlayStation Move (click here for review).  I’m surprised how much I like it.  Actually I’m sort of loving it, even though there are no decent new games out for it yet.

So, so far my play with it has been limited to the demo disk and the patched Move edition of Heavy Rain. I’ve not tried out all of the demo disk yet but the table tennis game in Sports Champions alone is worth buying Move for.  I never really got with the Wii – maybe it was all the cutesy characters and stuff – so I couldn’t really see myself standing in front of the telly like a nutter, pretending to play sports/games etc.  But I couldn’t stop playing table tennis!  I played so much, my arm actually ached the next day!

The Move controller replicates the movements and orientation of the bat on the screen perfectly – and in no time you find yourself performing spins, swerves, chips, backhands and all manner of smashes – yes it even measures accurately how hard you swing the controller and translates that to the bat on the screen – so that you can catch your opponent off guard by smashing their ball back across their boughs at 90km an hour!

As for playing Heavy Rain with move – it’s great!  I know this sounds ridiculous – but somehow it seems to get you more immersed and involved with the game.  It takes a little bit of getting used to – but only a little bit and it’s worth the small effort.

I bought Heavy Rain on the day it came out because it seemed like such a different gaming concept that I liked the sound of, and was intrigued by – and although I liked it (and loved what they were trying to do), It wasn’t a game that I played straight through to the end.  It wasn’t that I got bored of it – it’s just that somehow the whole movement based control system (Heavy Rain was originally designed with the Move in mind, but ended up being released earlier than the Move controller was available) – didn’t seem to fit properly, retro-fitted to the conventional Six-Axis or DualShock 3 controllers.  Playing the game that way just somehow didn’t feel quite right.  I now realise that Move was the missing element.

Trust me, if you liked Heavy Rain at all in it’s original incarnation, then give it a whirl with Move and see if it doesn’t breathe new life into this innovative game.

So in conclusion, I’m massively impressed!  Roll on SOCOM 4!  (see below).

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