Gadget Show Follow-up

Much more like it!

Last night’s Gadget Show was a vast improvement – a return to TGS of old. It had all the elements that I pointed out have been sorely missing from the show of late (even if Jason and Suzy couldn’t resist boasting at the beginning about how all their challenges are adrenaline fuelled head-to-heads) – Don’t they understand that’s not what we want?

The show featured an item assessing 3DTV, a budget feature on pay-as-u-go mobile phones for under 50 quid, and a future-tech feature on the developing capabilities of domestic robots. It ticked all the requisite boxes – even the challenge segment was spot-on relevant (a “cloud” vs hard drive based computing, toe-to-toe) – all current issues or trends in technology.

It seems from your responses that I’m not the only fan of the show that has been less than enthusiastic about the direction it seems to be taking lately (although I wish some of you would share your comments in public as replies to posts). Either way thanks, it’s good to know that I’m not just being a total twat!

Anyway, I was pleased with last night’s show. Gadget Show – Please! More shows like this last one and less of the outward bounds stuff.


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